François Mathieu Banane - Vaudou Drums
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François Mathieu Banane

My nationality: Quebec.

My mentors: Jacques Masson, Dany Richard, Pierre Hébert, Batman.

My musical influences: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Billy Talent, Sublime.

Personality trait: eccentric, funky, funny, a weirdo!

My favorite sports: Hockey, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts

My favorite musical : headphone / earphone: Sennheiser

My favorite shoes: Converse

A drink I like to take after a show: Beer

How many percussion set I have: 2

Why Vaudou Drums: Why not ?! Sounds good, it plays well and it  » looks  » good!


François Mathieu (nicknamed Banana) is the drummer of the reggae/pop/rock Raffy band since 2008. Is schedule is busy between shows and travel. Recently, he has toured with Raffy across Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick to promote their music. In 2012, they had the honor of playing at the Bell Centre and on the Plains of Abraham as part of the National Day.


From a young age, Banana love music. At the college, he decided to make a DEC in « Interpretation in popular music and jazz » at Collège Lionel-Groulx. He is currently studying at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) in music with Pierre Hébert, professional drummer with over 40 years of experience on stage, recording studios, television and under the direction of several conductors.


Energetic character and a little crazy, Banana loves to play with his band, do the monkey and move by contemporary native jazz dance, wearing light clothing, but not too, giving it a prince doubtful Unicorn air, but charming!


Actually promoting the new Raffy album entitled « Libérer l’animal », Banana gets the honor of playing with her Vaudou Drums designed especially for him: it is dotted with bananas! In addition, the album of his band enjoyed a great success with his first single « La Dérive » which topped the charts.

My Vaudou Drums kit / Technical Specifications

Serie: Custom Drums


Shell: Maple.

Exterior Ply Shells: Vintage Mahogony

Finish: Naturel with handmade banana drawings and satin.

Hardware: Black Nickel

Badge: Metal



Tom: 10×8

Floor Tom: 14×14

Bass Drum: 20×18

Snare : 13×3.5, 14×6.5