Alexief Delbes - Vaudou Drums
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Alexief Delbes

My nationality: Quebec

My mentors: Gilles Gagné (drum’s teacher).

My musical influences: Virgil Donati, Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer.

Personality trait: Comic and gourmand.

My favorite sports: Skateboard, extreme sports.

My favorite musical headphone / earphone: In-ears Shure.

My favorite shoes: Skateboard shoes.

A drink I like to take after a show: A microbrewerey beer.

How many percussion set I have: 1

Why Vaudou Drums: A local craftsman, an infinite custom drums possibilities, the quality and their dedication.


Alexief began playing drums at 10 years old. He took several years of drums lessons with his private teacher, Gilles Gagné. Alexief made several school performances and subsequently was part of several Montreal metal groups such as: Soul of Darkness, Paroxysm (including a Quebec tour in 2006) Hollow, Graveyard Strippers and now with the Frostbite group. In 2015, he created a YouTube page dedicated to different musical styles and various technical drums used. In addition, 2016 will mark for Alexief’ 1st album release with the Frostbite group under the music label Tmina record and several upcoming musical collaborations.

My Vaudou Drums kit / Technical Specifications

Serie: Custom Drums