Pascal Lepage - Vaudou Drums
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Pascal Lepage


Started music at 9 years old, Pascal has played over the years in several musical groups of all styles: rock, electro, jazz, funk, latin, pop, metal, country, reggae and various other styles. He performed in the « Big Apple Classic » in New York where he won the « Outstanding Soloist Jazz Band » in 1997. He has also been invited to participate twice in 2001 and 2004, to showcase « Yamaha Star Tops » from « Montreal Drum Fest » where he make an outstanding performance. In 2015, Pascal was among the best Quebec professionals drummers gathered at the Quebec Capital Drum Fest. He dazzled the spectators with a musical solo over 30 minutes!


Pascal was formed by Paul Brochu, a leader in the percussion field, one of the Canada’s best drummer. Bachelor in Jazz Performance from the University of Montreal since 2005, he was asked for many professional contracts and plays, among others, with « Bran Van 3000 » band. He has been on several recordings of famous artists, in addition to accompany them on stage throughout America and Europe.


Having also another passion for teaching for over 12 years, Pascal love to receive students in his private studio and in the wonderful studios of Collège Édouard-Montpetit and the National School of Aeronautical Engineering.


Pascal is very proud to be an ambassador and spokesperson for the best manufacturing shop and custom drum in Quebec: Vaudou Drums.

My Vaudou Drums kit / Technical Specifications

Serie: Custom


Shell: Maple

Exterior Ply Shells: Zebrano horizontal

Interior Ply Shells: Zebrano vertical

Finish: Glossy lacquer with stain « Blue Gaspésie »

Hardware: Black Nickel and Bronze Vintage

Lugs: ???

Badge: Walnut



Toms: 12×08, 13×09 – 4mm (6 plies)

Floor Toms: 14x???, 16×16 – 4mm (6 plies)

Bass Drum: 22×18 – 4mm (6 plies)

Snares : 12×4.5, 14×6.5 – 6,7mm (10 plies)

Three Ostinato Toms kit : 10×3.5 – 4mm (6 plies)