Our Story - Vaudou Drums
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Our Story

Over 10 years of experience

The Art of Creation

In 1997, I had a goal: making my own drum kit by developing my method of manufacturing with high quality materials. My vision was simple: create a drum in accordance with the sound that I had in mind and with an exceptional finish. Vaudou Drums was born.


Perfectionist, creator and artist, I constantly aim to surpass myself, to seek and develop excellence to create customized drums so that you can all enjoy the Vaudou Drums experience.


Today, we have become a major player in the custom drums industry. We find drummers who play Vaudou Drums across Canada, the United States, France, England, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Brazil.


I am proud of Vaudou Drums, the oldest custom drum shop still active in Quebec, Canada.

Our Mission


Create, manufacture and develop high quality drum kit and custom made for music lovers.

His name, his synergie


In popular culture, the vaudou doll represents the spirit of a person to whom we want to cast a spell. At Vaudou Drums, we do not know who bewitches: the musician or the instrument? Finally, the control remains in the hands of the drummer.

It is this synergy that we privilege in Vaudou Drums. Creating a drum battery born of a relationship between the client and Vaudou Drums. For us it is essential to be in close relationship with each of our artists and our customers to create an experience, a « story ».